Friday, July 27, 2007

Sending emails using scripts

Here is the deal..

Yesterday I built my exchange machine .. fresh VM.

Joined it to a brand new domain. (Shantanu.local)
1.Created a 100 users using a script {Script} (Apptixuser1 to Apptixuser100)
2.Created mailboxes for all these 100 users using Dsa.msc (Selected all users , Right click -> Exchange task -> Create Mailboxes)

3.Now I want to grow my database size to few GB’s.

Step 3 is little complicated as I can’t find any way to send mails using scripts.

Please note that I am trying to send different emails.
When I send a email with attachment to all my users in domain – let’s say I have a attachment of 30MB and I send same mail to all the users in my domain in a single mail – my database size is growing only 30MB.
Can anyone please explain what’s going on in background.. ??

Please help me to increase my database size and also help me to understand better how database is growing..

Reply 1)

This is called ‘Single Instance Storage’, which works as follows:

1) 1 mail is sent to 5 mailboxes (or any number) with a 2 MB attachment
2) Exchange stores a single copy of the mail in the database and creates a link for this message in each mailbox. So a total of 6 links are created for a single message. 5 in Recipient’s Inbox and 1 in sender’s Sent Items folder
3) Due to this reason, the database size will grow only by 2 MB and not by 10 MB
4) The idea behind this was to save storage size in earlier versions of Exchange, because the Standard Edition database was restricted to 16 GB max size

There are few exceptions to this rule:
1) Single Instance Storage is maintained only within the same mailbox store. So in case the above 5 mailboxes are located on 5 different stores, a copy of the message will be stored on each store and the collective size of all 5 mailbox stores will grow by 10 MB (2 MB each)
2) Single Instance storage is broken if a message is modified. For example, if all 5 mailboxes are located on the same store, but 1 of the recipients opens the mail, and makes a small change and ‘Saves’ it again, it is stored as an additional copy, thereby increasing the size of the store by 2 MB to a total of 4 MB.
3) Single Instance storage is broken after an ExMerge. For example, if all 5 mailboxes are stored on the same store and someone Exmerges them out, they will consume 10 MB. Single Instance Storage will not be recreated after importing the exmerged data back into the store. The store will then have a size of 10 MB.
4) Lets say, 3 out of 5 messages are moved to a different store. In the new store also, a single copy of the message will be stored, with links to 3 moved mailboxes.

Hence one of the criteria for designing the structure for multiple stores is by grouping together people who need to send mails within themselves, for example, department or location.

Do let me know, if anyone has any queries.


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