Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How to index pdf files using Full Text Indexing of Exchange 2003?

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There is a ifilter available from Adobe, which we need to install.
Then we can perform indexing on PDF files as well.

There is ifilter available for WordPerfect files as well from Corel.

Note :
What is iFilter ?
We can say its Indexing filter.
IFilters extract textual information from particular document formats.

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This is correct. However, the configuration is not done from within Exchange System Manager, but is done from Microsoft Search MMC. This console is not visible by default and a dll file called mssmmcsi.dll needs to be registered using the command

Regsvr32 mssmmcsi.dll

This will display “Microsoft Search” as one of the consoles in MMC

Need to follow the steps below to enable Full Text Indexing to start indexing the pdf files:

1. Open the Search MMC, and navigate through the servername ExchangeServer_servername Catalog Build Server.
2. Right-click the index catalog name on which you want to include PDF attachments in the full-text index, and choose Properties.
3. Click the File Types property page.
4. Click the Add button, include PDF in the list, and then click OK.
5. If the index exists, delete the index, and re-create it. If not, simply create the index.

Acrobat PDF documents will now be included in your full-text index searches.


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